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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Why Partridge Hill Treasures WCNY-FM

Dear Friends of Partridge Hill: This morning we awoke to the glorious sounds of Mother Nature, songbirds chirping, geese murmuring and the stream rippling outside our window.  Truly we live in Heaven here in Barneveld!  We find it easy here to remember just how blessed we are with Life's loving  gifts.  Here, beauty gives a face to divine Spirit; and we do feel the Love.

For us, being able to tune in to WCNY-FM is a wonderful complement to the beauty around us. Those of us who have travelled extensively, know that there are too many areas where no fine music is available.  We find it troubling that many big cities, who should know better, fail to provide the touch of the classics to a world so badly in need of the beauty and wisdom they express.

Today, we  contributed, online, to WCNY-FM and it felt oh so good to do it.

We hope Partridge Feathers will grow into a community of like-minded people working to protect the finer things of Life  and banding together to fight things that threaten them.

We'd love to hear your views on  things you find uplifting   as well as things you find threatening.

And now, we are headed out for a bike ride!!!

Dan & Suzanne

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