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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fly Fishing - True Atonement

On any given day in the West Canada Creek you'll find flyfishers contentedly working the stream a respectful, collegial distance apart. 
We hear from friends who don't flyfish that they can't imagine what moves people to do this.  We think it has to do with "at-one-ment" and we hope others will write in with their own thoughts.
Flyfishing has a unique way of putting a person "At One" with Life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. To begin with, we are largely made of water; and standing in it just feels right, the cool caress of the current soothes even "the savage breast" and we settle into the experience, into the very moment.
Then there's the necessary full attention that engrosses a flyfisher completely in many ways... What insects are flying, floating, rising?  What's the condition of the stream - its temperature, current? What effect is the day itself having on the trout? How and where are they feeding, protecting themselves, preserving energy?
And always the rapt endeavor to engage 'the big one' in tender battle. There's joy in the moment of "winning" and gently looking our conquest in the eye as we release it back to its home. There's even joy in the "dan it" moment when we realize that the fish has won, slipped the hook and shimmered away.
There will be other times for both the flyfisher and the fish. And, in all of these times, a flyfisher will be in complete atonement.

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  1. It's always about the dance. The three-quarter time ... One, two, three/ one, two three.

    It is the sensual rhythm that has engaged folks for generations as their hips are embraced by the river and the turmoil of their lives recede into the flow of the infinite.

    It's not about winning: It's about dancing.